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Suning Announces Development Strategy For Next Three Years

Chinese home electronics retailer Suning has published its development strategy for the coming three years following a four-day meeting in Nanjing which was attended by more than 200 senior managers of the company.

Sun Weimin, president of Suning, says that the company has set up a general goal of being an industry leader in three years and based on this general goal, they have set up detailed goals for each of the years, regions and systems.

In recent years, Suning have been opening about 150 new stores each year. The company says it will open more than 200 stores in 2008 based on the over 600 stores by the end of 2007 and try to bring its total store number to 900 by the end of this year. It will enter some second-tier and third-tier cities apart from the expansion in big cities.

Suning also established nine regional management centers during the meeting according to the management capacity and store sale of each region. The nine regional centers are North China Center, Northeast China Center, East China No. 1 Center, East China No. 2 Center, Southwest China Center, South China Center, Middle China Center, Northwest China Center and Nanjing headquarters. These nine centers will manage 35 regions and form a clear management structure for the company.

By the end of 2007, Suning opened and renovated more than 80 3C+ flagship stores. The company plans to construct more than 60 brand new 3C+ flagship stores this year and increase the total number of 3C+ stores to 150.

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