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KFC Gives No Satisfactory Explanation For Dirty Plate

Stinky yellow filth has been found on a food plate at the KFC Xingda in Yanjiao, Hebei Province. reports that KFC is reportedly willing to apologize, but can not give a reasonable explanation for the dirty plates. According to the customer surnamed Zhang, she went to eat at the KFC store with her son, her sister and one of their friends on February 19. During their dining, her son found the dirty matter on one of the plates. They felt even sicker after hearing a scream from another table where other diners had found similar alien matter on their own plates.

The two groups of customers then took the plates to ask for an explanation from the store, but they were not given one at the time. The customers said that they were later notified by the KFC store to go and receive an apology at the store which also offered each of them a RMB200 coupon. But they are reportedly not satisfied with the settlement, for what they want is not apology and compensation, but to learn from KFC what the dirty matter really is and how this happened.

When asked what the yellow substance was and how they plan to deal with the matter, a manager from the KFC store did not give a direct answer to the media.

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