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Beijing Mobile Starts Green Initiatives In Supermarkets

Beijing Mobile has launched a green initiative by offering non-woven fabrics to supermarket customers to coordinate with Chinese government's order of banning plastic bags.

Beijing Mobile will join hands with Beijing Shuntianfu Supermarket and donate the environmentally-friendly bags to 20 of the latter's stores in an effort to encourage customers to reduce the use of plastic bags. These bags are all made of non-woven fabrics. They are good looking while maintaining their practicality. A special nylon material is used for the handle of the bags and this makes the bags not only solid but also convenient for the users.

A representative from Beijing Mobile says that the initiative was launched to respond the government's new environment policy and also through the donation of the bags they hope to raise people's awareness of the environment and take actions to reduce White Pollution.

Beijing Mobile also prints its carefully designed slogans on the bags such as "Start from Oneself and Use One Less Plastic Bag Each Day" and "Enjoy Communications with Nature".

China's State Council recently issued a circular, asking all supermarkets, shopping malls and retailers not to provide free plastic bags from June 1, 2008.

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