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Tianjin Goubuli Launches New Brand Name "Go Believe"

The Tianjin Goubuli Dumpling Restaurant Group has formally launched its English brand name of "go believe" in its outlet located at Heping Road of Tianjin and hung a plaque with the English name on the outlet.

The Tianjin Municipal Commission of Commerce said that Tianjin Goubuli with this intuitive name in English will provide more convenience for foreign guests and improve worldwide awareness of its 150-year stuffed bun history.

Zhang Yansen, an executive from Tianjin Goubuli Group, said that Tianjin Goubuli's name in English will further improve the enterprise's protection consciousness about their own brands.

Compared with its Chinese name "Goubuli" which means "dog don't like [it]", the English name "Go Believe" sounds like its Mandarin name. Zhang Yansen thought that the English name also fits very well with the culture of honesty within the group.

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