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Thirty Food Enterprises Call For Unified Food Safety Standards

In a seminar held by China National Food Industry Association for discussing the draft of Food Hygiene Law, thirty food enterprises, including Coca Cola, Pepsi, Nestle, Wuliangye, Yili, Guangming and Yanjing Beer, called for the launching of unified food safety standards.

With regards to the food safety situation, China has already started to enact a Food Hygiene Law and has made positive progress. An anonymous representative of a company told First Financial Daily that it would be a great challenge for big food enterprises if their food safety is not improved.

Ma Yong, vice secretary general of China National Food Industry Association, says that at present, national, local and company standards are implemented at the same time, which causes confusion in the supervision of food safety. Therefore, enterprises suggest launching unified food safety standards and unified testing standards.

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