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ITAT And SD Sign Cooperation Agreement In Shenzhen

ITAT, the international apparel brand and department store chain, has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Sports Direct in Shenzhen.

Ou Tongguo, chairman of the board of ITAT Group; Michael Ashley, president of Sports Direct; and other senior management staff of the two companies attended the signing ceremony. Aiming at the Beijing Olympic Games, the two companies want to get a slice of the huge Olympic market. China is one of the world's biggest apparel consumer markets.

Ou said in the signing ceremony that the cooperation of ITAI and Sports Direct will bring great opportunities to the two sides. Dave Forsey, CEO of Sports Direct, says that the cooperation is a very good chance for Sports Direct to enter the world's biggest emerging market. With the help of the perfect marketing network of ITAT, the company will provide Chinese consumers with high-quality products.

Sports Direct is one of the leading sports products retailers in Britain. It has more than 400 specialty stores and many famous sports and leisure brands, including Antigua, Cariton, Donnay, Dunlop, Karrimor, LA Gear, Lilywhites and Lonsdale.

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