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Gome Begins Extended After-sales Service For Home Appliances

Chinese home appliance retailer Gome has announced plans to launch an extended after-sales service for home appliances bought from its retail stores.

Named "Jia An Bao", Gome's new service will fill a void in China's home appliance industry and it is the first extended after-sales service brand formally registered in China.

According to Wang Junzhou, vice president of Gome, the Jia An Bao is a service that Gome has launched to offer extended after-sales service to consumers after the quality guarantee period of the goods set by the manufacturers expires. Wang says that Gome's affiliates Yongle, Dazhong, Black Swan and Golden Sun will all offer Jia An Bao at their stores to offer an extended of 1-4 year after-sales service contract after the original manufacturer warranty expires.

After the successful merger with Yongle, Dazhong and Sanlian, Gome now has more than 1200 stores in China, covering up to 280 cities around the country.

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