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Medicine Shoppe Withdraws Its East China Division

Medicine Shoppe, a global drugstore retail company, is facing closure in China. At present, a large number of its high and middle level leaders have quit and Zhang Guofang, general manager of Medicine Shoppe China Area, is also preparing to leave his position.

The marketing department and product department of Medicine Shoppe's China headquarters have been cancelled and its east China division will also be withdrawn. In addition, staff of its Shenzhen headquarters have been reduced from 40 to less than 30.

Medicine Shoppe is a famous American drugstore brand. In 2002, Nepstar introduced it to China by a buyout of its ten years' franchise rights in China. Zhang Guofang, who successfully managed Medicine Shoppe in Taiwan, was appointed to be the general manager for the mainland operations.

After the cooperation of Nepstar and Medicine Shoppe, the China development plan of Medicine Shoppe was formally launched. To avoid competition between the two companies, Nepstar adopted the style of convenience and Medicine Shoppe was focused on professional drugstores and Western medicines.

At present, Medicine Shoppe has about 200 stores in Mainland China, of which more than 70 are in Guangdong Province.

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