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Apple Chooses Sanlitun For First China Computer Store

Apple (AAPL) has chosen Beijing's Sanlitun area instead of Qianmen Avenue as the location for its first store in China, though the detailed address of this store is yet unknown.

News from both Chinese media and, a website for the fans of Apple products, says that due to the long period of time involved in the restoration of Beijing's Qianmen Avenue, anxious Apple has decided to locate its first store in China in the Sanlitun bar and restaurant area so that the store can be opened during the Beijing Olympic Games. The website says that Apple's first store in China will feature about 1000 square meters, but its second store, which will be opened soon after the first one, will be located in Qianmen area with a total area of 3000 square meters.

There are some Apple boutique stores in big cities in China, but these stores are all opened by Apple's dealers and do not belong directly to Apple. Apple says that by establishing the direct-run store, it can bring consumers a better experience of its products.

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