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Pizza Hut Opens Pizza Station In Shenzhen

Yum! Brands has announced that the group has launched a new pizza brand, "Pizza Station", and the first store has opened in Shenzhen International Airport.

Yum! now owns three pizza brands: Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut Delivery and Pizza Station. Pizza Station will take the successful fast food sales model of Yum! and it will mainly focus on pizza, classic western snacks, vegetable salad and drinks.

With the launch of Pizza Station, Yum! has completed the initial strategic layout of its pizza brands. Among its three brands, Pizza Hut is a western-styled casual restaurant, which is famous for its delicious western-style food and relaxed dining atmosphere. Pizza Hut Delivery is a popular food delivery which meets customer' demand for delivered food; and Pizza Station is clearly identified as fast food, which is distinguished by features of fast and convenient. Customers can either eat at the restaurant or take away.

At present, there are three Pizza Stations in Shenzhen, Shanghai and Guangzhou. The three restaurants all had good performance during trial operation. Yum! says that the company will actively promote this brand in other major cities in China.

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