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Job Seekers: Multinational Companies Discriminate Against Chinese Employees

The "2007 Survey of the Public's Evaluation of Multinational Companies' Image In China", released by Guangdong Provincial Situation Survey and Research Center, shows that 81.29% of the interviewees believe that multinational companies are discriminating against Chinese employees in China.

Based on a survey of 70 multinational companies in such key cities as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, Foshan, Dongguan and Hangzhou, the report finds that four major behaviors of multinational companies are most disliked by Chinese. These include making higher prices for goods sold in China, hiding defects of goods in the Chinese specifications, transferring pollution to China and refusing to compensate Chinese consumers for bad products. In the meantime, the report says that transferring advanced technology to Chinese companies, participating in China's charity causes, educating Chinese talents and abiding by Chinese laws and regulations are what the interviewees think most highly of the multinational companies.

Though 76.22% of the interviewees believe that multinational companies have fulfilled their social responsibilities in China, only 22.54% of them believe the profit made by foreign companies in China go in proportion with their social responsibilities within the country. And up to 40% of the people believe that foreign companies are doing better than domestic ones on dealing with consumer complaints.

Regarding multinational companies' claims that they've not made any profit in China, over half of the interviewees say they don't believe this.

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