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Nestle Milk Powder Will Increase Price In April

According to many supermarkets, Nestle will directly increase the prices of all milk powder products soon by a maximum of 30%. At the same time, the company will also launch new packaging products with less net content.

A sales promoter of Nestle in Tesco supermarket told customers that from April, the 500-gram dry whole milk powder will be changed to 400-gram packaging, but the price will remain at RMB27; the 500-gram Nestle children's milk powder with current price of RMB36.8 and the 900-gram Nestle growth milk powder with current price of RMB159 will not change packaging, but the prices will increase about 30%.

The information about the price surge has been confirmed by the public relations department of Nestle China. The company says that the reason for the increase is because of the price increase of raw materials. The company says it has tried its best to reduce the growth of the cost and delayed the time for the price increase. However, price increase is inevitable and the scale of increase will be from 5% to 30%.

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