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Galanz Joins CRCF To Launch Charity Initiative

Chinese electronics manufacturer Galanz joins hands with China Red Cross Foundation to carry out a charity initiative called China Red Action.

From now on, Galanz will donate RMB1 to the China Red Action program for the selling of each of its China Red series multi-functional light wave and microwave ovens in the Chinese market. The company estimates that no less than one million of the products will be sold in China this year.

The funds donated by Galanz will be used to support CRCF's Red Cross Angel Program and Bo'ai Study-aid Program which aim to offer care to poverty-stricken farmers and children by giving them medical and education assistance.

Galanz is the first and the only company in China that has participated in the program. Liao Zhaoxian, executive president of Galanz, says the company will mobilize its branches across China to participate in the promotion of the program and promote the development of China's charity and welfare undertaking through the sales of their China Red series products.

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