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Gucci Reopens Its Store At Chengdu's Maison Mode

The internationally renowned brand Gucci has reopened its store at Maison Mode in Chengdu after a shop expansion which has made the shop area more than double and has introduced men's clothing for the first time.

Gucci's store at Maison Mode opened in April 2004. The original area was about 152 square meters and it only sold accessories. After the shop expansion, the new Gucci store will cover an area of 334 square meters and men's clothing series are introduced into this two-floor store. The new Gucci store still keeps its classic design style with brown as its main color, marble and steel as its main building materials.

Deng Wanying, chief executive officer of Asia-Pacific region of Gucci, says that she is pleasantly surprised at Chengdu customers' understanding about luxury brands. Maison Mode store is Gucci's only store in the southwest area of China, so the company attaches great importance to it. The introduction of men's clothes is proof — usually, when luxury brands enter a new market, leather products and accessories are the first things to be introduced. Only if the market matures, clothing and jewelry will appear in their shops.

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