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Walker Group Opens Flagship Store In Beijing

Walker Group, a Hong Kong footwear retailer, has opened a flagship store in Xidan, Beijing.

The flagship store is named Walker One, which covers an area of 8,000 square meters and cost about RMB3 million to furnish and build. The store is operated under the concept of "in shop", which means specialty stores of different brands are located in one big store.

Chen Meishuang, chairman of Walker Group, said in the opening ceremony that the business strategy of the group is to expand in booming Chinese cities. Opening flagship stores in first-tier cities is the prologue of the strategy. Chen pointed out that flagship stores can increase sales volume, improve image, attract investment and enhance consumers' recognition of the brand. Through increasing sales points, the group wants to accelerate its development in the Mainland.

At present, Walker Group has 478 sales points in the mainland China, 61 in Hong Kong and 7 in Taiwan. It plans to invest HK$200 million to increase 400 sales points by the end of 2009.

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