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Dalian: Total Retail Sales Reached RMB28.29 Billion In Q1 2008

In the first quarter of 2008, the consumer goods market of Dalian had total retail sales of RMB28.29 billion, which increased by 17.5% over last year. It has been the biggest year-on-year increase since 1997.

Among the first three months, the retail sales of January was RMB10.28 billion, increasing 19.6% compared with the corresponding period last year; the number was RMB9.31 billion in February, which increased 14.5%; and RMB8.7 billion in March, which increased 18.5%.

Analyzed from regions, urban retail sales of consumer goods was RMB26.42 billion, which increased 17.6% and county and below county level retail sales was RMB1.87 billion, which increased 17%.

Analyzed by industries, wholesale and retail sales was RMB23.53 billion, which increased 18.3%; accommodation and catering industry retail sales was RMB4.5 billion, which increased 16.6%; other industries retail sales was RMB260 million, which decreased 19.4%.

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