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Yongle Aims At Sales Volume Of RMB15 Billion

Song Linlin, general manager of Yongle Shanghai, told local media on the thirteenth anniversary of the company that Yongle plans to increase the number of its stores to more than 70 and to achieve a sales volume of RMB15 billion in 2008.

Among the 70 stores, 12 are flagship stores, including two big stores with annual sales of RMB1 billion. Six to eight out of the 70 stores are big marts with areas of 10,000 to 20,000 square meters.

In addition, the construction of Yongle's logistics base in Qingpu, Shanghai, which was started in 2006, has now entered a trial operation stage. The base has 100,000 standard cargo spaces and is able to store appliances with a total value of RMB5 billion, which can not only satisfy the needs of the company itself but also can meet the needs of its suppliers.

At present, Yongle has 61 stores in Shanghai, covering the five big business areas of the city.

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