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Dell Announces Sweeping Chinese Computer Retail Deal

In a further move away from its old direct-to-consumer business model, Dell (DELL) has formally announced plans to sell laptop and desktop computers in Suning's consumer electronics stores and to expand its relationship with Gome, the top consumer electronics retailer in China.

"The China consumer electronics market continues to see exciting growth," said Michael Tatelman, vice president and general manager of sales and marketing for Dell's consumer business. "It is great to see the Dell brand associated with the top retail brands in China giving access to our products to a wider audience of Chinese consumers."

Dell says it will also sell systems in Hontu stores and through several computer chain retailers including Wuxing, Meicheng, Heng Chang and Heyong stores. Beginning this month, the number of Gome stores in which customers can buy Dell products is doubling to nearly 900. Suning customers will initially be able to buy a range of Dell laptops and desktops in more than 300 stores with that number increasing in the future.

Dell products will soon be available in more than 12,000 stores and online around the world. In the past several months, Dell has announced relationships with Croma stores in India; Best Buy in the United States and Canada; Carrefour in Europe; Staples in the U.S. and Canada; Courts in Singapore; Bic Camera in Japan; and Carphone Warehouse, Tesco and DSGi in the United Kingdom.

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