Retailing, Franchising, and Consumerism Business Intelligence in China Launched To Assist Suppliers Reach Retailers

China-based eFuture is working with Beijing Wangku Hutong Information Technology Company to launch, a B2B platform for small to medium-size suppliers and retailers.

"In Mandarin Chinese, 'Jindian' literally means 'enter the store,' which is exactly our goal," said Adam Yan, eFuture's chairman and chief executive officer. "Over 80 percent of local suppliers do business directly with local retailers. With China Jindian, we're leveraging our strong relationships with China's retail clients to help local suppliers enter retail stores across the country. This exciting development simplifies the supply chain and will also help our over 700 retail clients, which use over 500,000 suppliers and include many of China's top 100 retailers, expand their procurement sources, increase procurement efficiency and reduce procurement cost."

The China Jindian online platform provides a searchable database of subscriber-posted listings focusing on the retail and consumer goods industries. On the website, suppliers can post listings with product descriptions, contact information, location and in some cases videos showcasing the suppliers' factories. The postings are separated by category, brand and location and searchable by retailers, who can post requests for products and suppliers, store information and details about new store openings.

This week the companies launched a 100-day beta period for the website.

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