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17 Shopping Malls Begin Propaganda For Plastic Bags Ban

To make consumers quickly get used to the days without free plastics bags, 17 shopping malls and supermarkets in Beijing, including Wangfujing Department Store, Cuiwei Plaza, Wal-Mart, Chaoshifa and Wu-mart, jointly launched an initiative under the theme of "Using Less Plastic Bags and Protect the Earth's Environment".

The organizers of the activity, China Chain Stores & Franchise Association and Beijing Municipal Chain Store & Franchise Association, say that 300 stores of the 17 retailers will provide messages about environmental protection to consumers and hold a series of activities at their venues to increase consumers' environmental awareness and make them adapt to the plastic bag ban as soon as possible.

Beijing Municipal Commercial Bureau says that it hopes that retailers in the city will help increase consumers' environmental protection awareness through various means, including posting a sign or placing an advertising board, at their venues.

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