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Metro Will Open Second Store In Changsha

Having already entered Changsha for about seven years, Metro, the world retail giant, has finally decided to open its second store in the city.

Lv Guoman, senior vice president of Metro China, told local media that the company has had a schedule for the new store and it is currently in a site selection stage.

Compared with those quickly developed retailers like Carrefour and Wal-Mart, Metro has not opened a new store in Changsha since its first store was located at Sifangping in 2001. However, Metro recently said for the first time that its Changsha store had a good performance, and that is the reason that pushed it to open its second Changsha store.

According to Metro, its senior managers of central China area have investigated the Changsha market several times. They will select a place with convenient transportation and concentrated service industries to open the new store. Apart from building the new store, Metro also plans to build a new type of agricultural product base in the six provinces in central China, including Hunan Province.

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