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Taizinai Introduces Production Lines From Tetra Pak

Hunan Taizinai Group has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tetra Pak in Changsha to introduce 20 aseptic packaging lines.

At present, the production lines of Taizinai Group's lactobacillus products are mainly PEs and PETs, which have a production capacity of RMB6 billion. It is the the group's goal for 2008 to double the capacity.

Li Tuchun, president of Taizinai Group, is very confident in continuous 100% increases in the coming five years. He says that if the group's five lactic acid bacteria beverage research and production bases in Zhuzhou, Miyun, Huanggang, Kunshan and Chengdu all go into production, the production capacity will reach RMB30 billion. Li also says that the group will further expand the scale of cooperation with Tetra Pak in the coming two years.

At the beginning of 2007, Taizinai Group received US$73 million investment from Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and Actis. In September 2007, it gained a RMB500 million credit extension loan from six international banks, including Citibank; and this time, it realized cooperation with Tetra Pak, which completed the group's three major cooperations with international giants in about only a year.

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