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Drugstores In Tianjin Included In Medical Insurance Oversight Units

Forty-eight retail drugstores, including Jingyitang and Kangzhong Drugstore, in Tianjin are approved to be medical insurance oversight units.

So far, there are more than 500 medical insurance retail drugstores in Tianjin. People who use the insurance are able to buy cheap medicines in those stores with their welfare cards.

Tianjin Labor and Social Security Bureau has just released a notice to confirm the qualifications of those drugstores and sent "Supervision Approaches for Basic Medical Insurance Integrity" pamphlets to people in charge of those stores. The 48 drugstores include the three chain stores of Jingyitang, Kangzhong Drugstore, Jingzheng Drugstore, Guangan Drugstore, Guoda Drugstore, and Jindong Drugstore. Patients can buy medicine both in medical insurance sentinel hospitals and drugstores, which will be more convenient for them.

According to regulations, those drugstores can only sell non-prescription drugs and prescription drugs within the scope of medical insurance provisions. Health products, medical appliances and food should not be sold in those places.

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