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Yum! Increases Donation To RMB15.8 Million

Yum! Restaurants China has announced that the group will donate another RMB10 million to support the earthquake relief in China. The U.S. headquarters of Yum! Group will also donate about RMB2.8 million for the same use.

Before that, Yum! Group had donated RMB3 million to China Charity Federation under the name of KFC and Pizza Hut. So far, the total amount of donations for Yum! Group has reached RMB15.8 million and the group is still mobilizing its 160,000 employees to donate to the areas in need.

Su Jingshi, president of Yum! Restaurants China, says, "On behalf of Yum! Restaurants China, I would like to express my deepest condolences to the people affected by the earthquake. Our employees are deeply concerned about the disaster areas. We sincerely hope our donation could help people in those areas to rebuild their lives as soon as possible."

Apart from cash contributions, Yum! Group also supported the earthquake relief through other forms. The group has now sent food, water and medical masks to the affected areas.

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