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Jeweller Goes To Jail For Illegal Commissions To Travel Agencies

Xie Ruilin, a famous jeweler from Hong Kong, has been sentenced to 39 months imprisonment for providing illegal commissions to travel agencies.

A Hong Kong court has also sentenced Xie Dafeng, son of Xie Ruilin who owns the famous TSL Jewellery, to a five-year prison sentence and three other persons involved in the case received up to 51 months in prison.

The criminals reportedly provided a total of HK$170 million illegal commissions to travel agencies and tour guides over the past ten years, arranged tourists to visit the display room, and embezzeled HK$3.38 million.

The now 72-year old Xie Ruilin has been nicknamed the Jewellery King. In 1971, Xie created the brand TSL Jewellery. The company was listed in 1987 under the name of TSL Jewellery International.

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