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Avenue Of Stars Opens Animation Retail Store In Wuhan

Avenue Of Stars, a animation retail chain jointly founded by companies in China and Australia, has opened a store in Wuhan.

Located on the second floor of Hualian Supermarket near Zhonghua Ferry, this is A.O.S.'s 22nd store in China.

A.O.S.'s second store in Wuhan will also open at the end of May 2008. At that time, the company will hold a show to celebrate the opening of the store and offer a stage to original animations.

According to Kang Kai, CEO of A.O.S., the company is not only a chain store for animation derivatives, but also a comprehensive company that focuses on animation creation, image design, products research and development, animation derivatives sale and specialty store management.

The traditional animation industry chain begins with cartoon image design. The story will be published in a series of magazines or in comic books. When it attains a certain sales volume and influence, it will be adapted into animated cartoon or film. Finally, those cartoon images will be made into derivatives such as toys, clothes and daily commodities. The traditional way is stable and can make a high profit, but it is a long and hard way for designers in China for the industry chain is not mature or perfect in China.

Different from the traditional way, A.O.S. skips the complicated procedures and directly makes these designed images into animation derivatives. When these images filter into people' minds, A.O.S. begins to launch relative cartoons. This reverse operation model is more suitable for China.

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