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Yum! Restaurants China Gives Priority To Hiring Sichuanese Job Seekers

Yum! Restaurants China, the brand owner of fast food restaurants KFC and Pizza Hut, says that in the coming year both KFC and Pizza Hut will give priority in hiring job seekers from the earthquake areas in Sichuan.

Yum! Restaurants China says when considering all the qualified candidates for a position, they will give priority to employing people from the 21 counties that were most severely hit by the earthquake, such as Wenchuan, Beichuan, Mianyang, Pengzhou and Shifang.

It is reported that employees of Yum! Restaurants China have donated more than RMB5.2 million after Sichuan earthquake. The money will be used to fund students from the most severely hit regions in Sichuan to go to college. Including the donations from employees, Yum! Restaurant China is said to have donated a total of RMB21 million for Sichuan earthquake relief.

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