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Hangzhou: Unqualified Goods Details Published In Retail Outlets

News from the Zhejiang Administration for Industry and Commerce is that quality notice boards have been placed large malls and supermarkets from March 15.

The notice boards will not only list unqualified food, but also other unqualified products.

These new notice boards are all published under the supervision of the industry and commerce departments. If operators do not publish details of unqualified products as required, the industry and commerce departments have the right to punish them in accordance with the law.

The quality notice boards will appear in large malls and supermarkets, including Hangzhou Tower, Hangzhou Department Store, Hangzhou Intime Department Store, Suning Appliance, and Hangzhou Metro. Unqualified products will be published on the notice boards for no less than one week.

Century Mart Qingchun Store in Hangzhou is the first to use quality notice boards and to get good results. Both enterprises and consumers say that the publicity system will help build a more transparent and standard consumption environment and increase the trust between consumers and enterprises.

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