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Carrefour To Open Five New Stores In Chengdu

According to Chen Bo, media manager of Carrefour China, the May 12 earthquake will not affect the company's investment plans for the city.

Carrefour plans to open five new stores in the next three years, increase purchasing in the local areas, and double the scale of its investment in Chengdu.

Chen said that to ensure an adequate supply of goods and price stability, and to reassure people, Carrefour reopened its stores in the affected areas the day after the earthquake. The company was allocating and transporting supplies every day from its stores in Chengdu, Chongqing, and Wuhan to supplement the supplies in the disaster areas.

If the five new Carrefour stores are successfully opened in the next three years, the company will employ 2,000 new workers. It will give priority to people from the disaster areas when hiring new employees.

Carrefour is also investigating on Mianyang and Deyang. If the conditions are mature, the company hopes to set up new stores there, too, Chen added.

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