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Ikea Recalls Spot Light Products

Ikea recently announced a recall of certain types of Femton clip-on spot lights.

Customers who bought this kind of light in Ikea can bring the product back to the stores and get a full refund.

According to information published by Ikea, the Femton clip-on spot lights concerned were made in China and have been sold in Europe, Asia and Australia since 2004. Femton is a kind of swan-neck light, whose neck can be adjusted to change the direction of the beam. Because of the adjustment range of the neck fails to meet the standard, the head of the light may be adjusted to an inappropriate position, which may cause the light bulb to be too close to walls or table-tops and cause overheating.

Ikea China says that the reason for the recall has nothing to do with the quality of the products. It is only a protective measure against the potential problem of overheating. Although the company has not received any complaint about the Femton spot light, it still decided to recall these products to avoid potential danger.

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