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Suning Opens 24 New Stores

On June 28 2008 Suning opened 24 stores concurrently.

Of the 24 stores, 16 are new stores and 8 are upgraded stores. These stores are located across the whole country. In addition, Suning will open another two new stores in Jinshan District and Jiading District, Shanghai in July. By there will be 50 Suning chain stores in Shanghai.

A representative from Suning told local media that the reason for the sudden acceleration of its expansion is because of the 2008 Olympic Games during which the government will launch new policies for opening new stores in Beijing and Shanghai. To avoid any inconvenience, the company decided to implement its expansion plan for August in advance. In addition, July is a prosperous period for appliances market.

At present, Suning has over 700 stores in China.

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