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Garments Sold In Jusco, Wal-Mart Found Substandard

Guangdong Administration for Industry and Commerce has released a spot-check report, which says that garments sold in some commercial outlets, including Jusco, Wal-Mart, and Vanguard were found to be substandard.

In this spot check, only about 40% of the casual wear sold in Guangdong Province were up to standard. Famous supermarkets and brands such as Jusco, Wal-Mart, Vanguard, Goldlion, and Givenchy were on the blacklist.

According to the administration, the pass rates of casual wear, knitted underwear, and towels were lower than last year, and were 40.2%, 55.2%, and 33.3%, respectively. Five apparel products sold in Jusco were substandard in PH value. Two products sold in Vanguard Zhuhai branch and Vanguard Kaiping branch were substandard in formaldehyde content. One product sold in Wal-Mart Shantou Nanguo branch was substandard in formaldehyde content.

In addition, 33 batches of products found to be substandard for color-fastness.

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