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Joseph Abboud To Open 15 Stores In China

Joseph Abboud, an apparel company from the USA, has announced plans to open its first store in China in autumn of 2008 and will open 15 stores across the country before the end of the year.

Marty Staff, president and CEO of Joseph Abboud, said that to prepare for the opening of their first China store, a batch of high-quality men's clothes will be shipped from New Bedford, the location of their factory, to Shanghai. In addition, the company will launch its 2009 spring series in China in January 2009.

Joseph Abboud's stores in China will be managed by Judger Group, its authorized cooperative partner. Products sold in these stores will include sports clothes, outdoor clothes, shoes, and bags.

Joseph Abboud and Judger Group's plan for 2008 is to open 15 specialty department stores and high-end retail stores in China, including the flagship stores in Shanghai and Beijing, before the end of the year. The first batch of five stores will be opened in autumn of 2008. In summer of 2009, they will open more stores in cities such as Hangzhou, Ningbo, and Wuxi. By 2012, the store number will be increased to 100, of which half will be department stores.

Founded in 1987, Joseph Abboud Co. is a sophisticated American Lifestyle brand with expanding number of product lines, including men's apparel and accessories, boy's apparel, and home furnishings. With various brand names, Joseph Abboud's products are available in superior department stores and specialty stores throughout the United States, Canada, Japan, and Taiwan.

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