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Tesco Set Up Purchase Center In Shanghai

The British retail giant Tesco has set up a purchase center for Asian areas in Shanghai.

The purchase center will be responsible for transferring and allocating goods for more than 600 Tesco stores in China, Japan, Thailand, South Korea and Malaysia.

Founded in 1919, Tesco has owned more than 3,200 stores worldwide. Although the company set up its purchase and distribution headquarters in Europe a long time ago, its Asian purchase resources had not been integrated.

Referring to the delayed establishment of the Asian purchase center, a person in charge of the center told local media that it is because of the consideration of stabilization. As the company's store coverage in Asia has been developed to a certain degree, optimizing purchasing resources becomes a natural step.

Tesco said that the reason for choosing the northwestern area of Shanghai as the location of its Asian purchase center is that there are many purchasing headquarters of Chinese and international retailers, including Metro, Lianhua, and Hualian, in this area, which increases Shanghai's attraction for global retailers.

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