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Pringles Chips Withdrawn From Sale In Some China Supermarkets

Pringles chips, a snack product manufactured by Proctor and Gamble, have been found containing potassium bromate for the third time and some supermarkets in Guangzhou and Foshan have withdrawn the substandard chips.

However Pringles chips series are still being sold by major supermarkets including Vanguard, Parknshop, and Jusco. These supermarkets said they did not receive any withdrawal notice for Pringles chips. A representative from Carrefour told local media that they have no imported Pringles chips and all the Pringles chips sold in their supermarket are made in China. The supermarket also contacted the supplier of Pringles chips and the answer they received was that the China-made Pringles chips do not contain any prohibited additives.

Early in 2005, China launched regulations to prohibit using potassium bromate in bread. However, in countries such as the USA and Japan, this additive is permitted to be used in a certain cases.

Zhang Qunxiang, a representative from the Department of External Affairs of P&G China, said that Pringles chips sold in the Chinese market are sourced from several channels. Of these, the products produced by Jinjiang production base are produced strictly in accordance with China's regulations and do not contain any prohibited additives. The Pringles chips produced by P&G China are all marked wQinqin Incorporated Co., Ltd, along with the trademark, certification, and shelf life. However, there are some imported Pringles chips products which are not authorized by P&G China and they are beyond the control of the company.

Asked how to tell the differences between the different Pringles chips, Zhang added that consumers should pay special attention to the place of production. Imported Pringles chips are usually marked "made in USA" and the products of P&G China will be marked with "Qinqin Incorporated Co., Ltd".

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