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Wuhan Zhongbai Launches West Hubei Strategy With CNY300 Million

Wuhan Zhongbai Group Co., Ltd. has recently opened its 112th chain store in Enshi Autonomous Prefecture, making Zhongbai the first large-scale chain supermarket to enter this area.

This is reported to be a strategic step in Zhongbai's plan for the western areas of Hubei Province. Wang Aiqun, president of Zhongbai Group, said that they would invest CNY200 million within two years to build large-scale supermarkets in each of the six counties and the two cities in Enshi Autonomous Prefecture. At the same time, the group will invest CNY100 million to build a 133 acre base combining agricultural products procurement, distribution, intensive processing and e-commerce together in the development zone of Enshi, making the autonomous prefecture a distribution center for Wuhan Zhongbai Group.

Wuhan Zhongbai Group said that entering the Enshi marketplace is the last step in the group's local plan. Taking Huanggang, Xianning, Guangshui, and Enshi as its logistics bases, the group has finished establishing its strategic presence across the whole province.

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