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Baskin-Robbins To Expand Stores In China

Baskin-Robbins, one of the world's largest ice cream chains, has established a strategic partnership with Shaanxi Stellerich Food and Restaurant Co., Ltd. to jointly explore the mainland China market in the eastern and northwestern areas.

According to Shaanxi Stellerich's plans, the first Baskin-Robbins store in mainland China will be opened in Shanghai before the end of 2008. Over the next five years, 50 stores will be opened in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shaanxi. By 2018, the total number of Baskin-Robbins stores in these marketplaces will have reached 100.

Xi'an based Shaanxi Stellerich, also operates several other brands, including KFC, in Shaanxi and Jiangsu Provinces.

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