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Guangzhou: 20% Of Food Sold In Trust-Mart Is Substandard

Guangdong Administration for Industry and Commerce has published its third quarter monitoring report on Guangzhou's food quality, which shows that 20% food products sold in major supermarkets, including Trust-Mart, are substandard.

This spot check covered ten supermarkets, including Trust-Mart, Vanguard, GrandBuy, Park N Shop, Friendship Store, Xin Da Xin, Jiaguang Supermarket, Jusco, Tee Mall, and Homecity Supermarket and the results were that the pass rate of food products sold in Trust-Mart was the lowest at 78%; about 20% food products sold in other major supermarkets, including Xin Da Xin, GrandBuy, and Tee Mall, were substandard; and the pass rate of food products sold in Jiaguang Supermarket was 97.1%.

The quality check report showed that one shredded squid product sold in Trust-Mart and produced by Zhejiang Zhenglong Foodstuffs was substandard in the total number of colonies and coliform; and one oatmeal product and one grilled fish product respectively produced by VV Food & Beverage Co., Ltd and Huangzhou Huaweiheng Food Co., Ltd were substandard with regard to food additives.

A total number of 400 batches of 21 kinds of food products were checked this time and the overall pass rate was 85.8%. Apart from the 39 batches that were substandard in labeling, the pass rate was 95.5%. The administration said that compared with the 70% pass rate of food products in Guangzhou over the last two years, the overall food quality was greatly improved and most of these checked products can meet the relevant standards.

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