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Aeon To Open 30 Convenience Stores In Qingdao

According to the Bureau of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of Qingdao, Ministop Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of the Japanese retail giant Aeon, will open 24-hour convenience stores in Qingdao, making Ministop the first foreign 24-hour convenience store brand in Qingdao.

The company plans to open 30 chain stores as a first step and a products distribution center will also be established in the city. If the 24-hour convenience store of Ministop is successful in Qingdao, it will be an additional new business model for Aeon in China after its comprehensive shopping center — Jusco. Whether Ministop can enter China or not will be decided at a high-level meeting of Aeon to be held in September 2008.

According to Qingdao Aeon Dongtai Co., Ltd., Aeon Group has established a logistics center with processing, distribution and testing functions around its Jusco shopping center on Hong Kong Middle Road, Qingdao. This logistics center will play a central role in Aeon's distribution in Asian areas along with Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Founded in 1980, Ministop has capital of JPY7.49 billion and the company currently owns 1,689 chain stores in Japan.

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