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Carrefour Relocates Chinese Regional Headquarters To Henan

Carrefour has relocated its regional headquarters for Zhengzhou, Xi'an, and Urumqi; from Xi'an to Zhengzhou, Henan.

At the same time, Carrefour will set up a regional procurement center in Zhengzhou to enhance procurement of local food of Henan Province.

According to Bao Zheng, director of public affairs department for Carrefour, the reason for the group to relocate its regional headquarters to Zhengzhou is because the good sales performance and the rapid growth of its stores in Henan, which increases its investment confidence in this marketplace.

The group will purchase vegetarian pies and Chinese date slices from Shaolin Temple through the procurement center and sell these products in Henan, Shaanxi, and Urumqi. If these products sell well, Carrefour will promote more Henan food across China .

A high-level source from Carrefour said that the group planned to open ten stores in Henan in the next two years, of which six or seven will be located in Zhengzhou, the provincial capital of Henan Province.

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