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Shanghai: 75% MP4 Players Are Substandard

Shanghai Administration for Industry and Commerce has released its audit report on 20 batches of MP4 players and the result shows that 15 batches are substandard with a pass rate of only 25%.

The major problems for these substandard MP4 players are inadequate capacity and abnormal radiation leaks. The actual capacities of three batches of MP4 players are smaller than that marked on the tags. For example, the V63 Benss MP4 player, which was produced by Shenzhen Bmon Technology Company and sold in Shanghai E-Mart Quyang branch, says on the tag that its capacity is one gigabyte, but its actual capacity is only 0.94 gigabytes. The reason for the inadequate capacity is reportedly because the manufacturers' calculation method, which takes 1,000 bytes as one kilobyte while the operation system takes a binary system, which means 1,024 bytes equal to one kilobyte. Therefore, the actual capacities of these MP4 players are about 4.6% smaller than the marked capacities.

At the same time, 15 batches of MP4 players were found to emit high levels of radiation, of which five batches had serious radiation leak problems. For example, the V68 CMD MP4 player produced by Shenzhen Meiyin Digital Communication Equipment Company and sold in Shanghai Huijin Department Store; and Cube MP4 players produced by Shenzhen Oudu Lifang Digital Technology Company had problems. MP4 players with radiation problems disturb the normal use of other electronic products and equipment while possibly bringing harm to people's health.

In addition, some retailers were lax to ensure the quality of their purchased goods. For example, the three batches of MP4 players sold in Shanghai Lianjia Supermarket Gubei branch that were checked this time were all unqualified.

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