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Wushang Bulk Sale Opens Flagship Store In Yichang

Wushang Bulk Sale Chain Company has announced the opening of its 25,000 square meter flagship store in Yichang — the largest supermarket in Hubei Province.

Wang Bin, general manager of Wushang Bulk Sale, said that the flagship store creates a new shopping model, which combines supermarket, department store, and shopping center. Unlike traditional supermarkets, this new shopping model increases the department store contribution.

Covering 25,000 square meters, the business area of the Yichang flagship store of Wushang Bulk Sale is equal to about three lifestyle centers. With more than 40,000 products of 24 categories, Wushang Bulk Sale aims to build a large-scale business center with shopping, leisure, entertainment, and dining functions that can provide one-stop shopping experiences to local customers.

Wang said that the Yichang flagship store will become an image and model store for Wushang Bulk Sale's model innovation in the industry. Taking Yichang as a pilot, the company will extend this new model to cities such as Wuhan and Xiangfan.

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