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Alpenliebe Candy Withdrawn In Beijing Pending Tests

Perfetti Van Melle, the Chinese manufacturer of Alpenliebe, has recalled three candy products following inconclusive test results.

According to Perfetti Van Melle Confection (China), the Chinese manufacturer of the Italian Alpenliebe products, the company has sent notices to its distributors and retailers across China to suspend the sales of the three suspected products. The three products are 33 gram-package original soft sweets, 40 gram-package strawberry taste candy, and 40 gram-package chocolate taste candy. Asked the reason for recalling these products Perfetti Van Melle Confection said that it was just a precautionary measure pending the release of the final test report.

Beijing supermarkets have removed the suspected products from their shelves. A representative from Carrefour, said that after receiving the notice, they had remove all Alpenliebe's products for an investigation and once they finished investigation on the three suspect products, other products would be back on the shelves.

Wu-Mart has stated that because many dairy products were found tainted with melamine recently, for the sake of security, the company had decided to remove all Alpenliebe candy products until the manufacturer could offer a new test report.

Perfetti Van Melle Confection produces 77 Alpenliebe candy products and stated that with the exception of the three suspected products, all other Alpenliebe candies has passed the relevant test.

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