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Renowned Expert To Share Insights On Luxury Marketing Strategies At 2-day Event

Singapore (October 16, 2008) /China Newswire/ — Pacific Conferences is organising a 2-day Luxury Marketing Workshop on 3-4 November 2008 and 6-7 November 2008 in Singapore & Hong Kong respectively.

While the luxury market has dramatically expanded globally, the make-up, expectations, and demands of customers have changed. Many luxury marketers are having difficulties thriving and growing in a market where new competition has emerged, customer profiles have shifted, and the old rules have changed.

This 2-day workshop aims to address some of the ongoing changes in the luxury market, the mindset and lifestyle trends of the affluent, and how to synthesise this information for greated results and leadership in the high net worth marketplace.

Andre Taylor, Founder of The Taylor Grand Company will be leading the 2-day workshop. Andre is an author, speaker, and consultant with diverse experience including executive positions on Wall Street, leading the marketing activities of multinational organisations, and building successful entrepreneurial companies. He has also worked with some of United State's most prestigious companies in the area of wealth marketing, which includes targeting the affluent, developing relationships with the high net worth individuals, and marketing to consumers with high discretionary income.

The event aims to equip luxury marketers with new strategies for meeting the changing demands of the HNWIs.

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