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Bringing 21st Century Teaching Concepts Into Chinese University Classrooms

Beijing, China (October 20, 2008) /China Newswire/ — Dr. David Arnow, a tenured Computer Science Professor at Brooklyn College, City University of New York, has been invited by the Shanxi Branch of the Computer Science Federation (in association with the China Association of Science & Technology), Tsinghua Press and China's Computer Science Journal (Sponsored by the Committee of Higher Educational Computing Courses of the Ministry of Education) to facilitate 3 workshops on the merits of investing in and creating an interactive environment in the classroom.  The workshops will be focused on how to introduce e-Learning tools into the traditional textbook based classroom.

The workshops will be held in Beijing November 8 at Tsinghua University, November 15 at Taiyuan University of Science and Technology, Shanxi province and Novmber 16 at FuZhou University, FuJian province.  The attendants will include representatives from various branches of the Ministry of Education, University Deans and Computer Programming faculty seated in departments from various disciplines.

Professors of Universities from Shanxi province visited with Dr. Arnow earlier in the year as part of a 25 year long cooperative effort between Universities in Shanxi Province and The City University of New York (CUNY).  "This visit really opened my eyes to the opportunity US Educational Institutions have at cooperating with our peers in the East in cultivating the minds of their 250 million students", Dr. Arnow went on to say "in the US we constantly our innovating new ways to motivate and maintain the attention of our students, where in China students can't get enough content to satisfy their immense hunger for knowledge".

China is rapidly developing the resources and means for its young elite to be exposed to Western learning concepts. Chinese Universities are being equipped with the latest in audio/visual aides and students have access to more bandwidth then most second tier cities in China seem to have.  The investment made in education is evident not only in the growing number of students competing for placement in top tier universities, but also by the depth and breadth of educational tools they are being provided.  The challenge today is not with funding education, but in assisting faculty how to take advantage of the educational tools they have been provided.

Dr. Arnow was the innovator of WebToTeach, now known as Codelab, and actively researches and publishes papers on cooperative learning using interactive media.  Dr. Arnow's visit is being sponsored by Intelligent People Solutions (IPS), a Beijing based e-Learning solutions provider. 


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