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Carrefour To Open Two New Stores In Chongqing In 2009

According to reports in local media, the vice president of Carrefour China Lv Zhongli has signed a project contract with Chongqing to open two new outlets in the main city area of Chongqing in 2009.

Located in Chongqing Yuanjiagang district and Shanghai Nanping districy, the two new stores will cost about over CNY100 million with CNY50 million and a business area of over 20,000 square meters for each. The two stores, which are expected to open at the second half of 2009, will cover such areas as Yuanjiagang, Daping, Dagongguan, Chenjiaping, Huangshaxi, and the entire Nanping area, serving 500,000 local residents around these areas.

Carrefour opened its first store in Chongqing at the beginning of 1998 and the store is also the first Carrefour store in China's mid-west areas. So far, the company has opened four retail outlets in Chongqing: Mianhua Road store, Jinguanyin store, Yangjiaping store, and Shapingba store.

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