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Hershey Opens Experience Store In Shanghai

The Hershey Company, one of the largest chocolate makers in North American, has located its first Asian chocolate flagship store in the Peace Cinema, Shanghai.

The new Shanghai Hershey's chocolate flagship store is also the company's first flagship store outside the United States.

The front door of the Shanghai flagship store is designed into the shape of Hershey's Kisses chocolate. A special machine installed in the store will spread the smell of chocolate. Rolling Kisses ribbons, colorful neon lights and more than 200 Hershey's products, including Kisses chocolate, Hershey's Special Dark chocolate and stuffed bears, are designed to attract a lot of customers. In addition, model production line in the store enables customers to see the production process of chocolates and people can also select packaging for the newly produced chocolates.

On the second floor of the store is a lounge, where consumers can have a taste of drinks and chocolate cakes made with Hershey's ingredients.

The Shanghai Hershey's chocolate flagship is the Hershey Company's fourth flagship store. The other three flagship stores are all in the United States: in Pennsylvania, New York's Times Square, and Chicago.

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  1. been to yr outlet was amazed with the varieties of choc and what a good timing cox christmas is coming
    but unfortunately at the payment counter guess what happened? for spending more than RMB 450 suddendly the girl at the counter told me we are not giving you any bag for the choc s ….. you have to pay RMB 2 for the bag!!!!!!! I was like what!!!!! She told me its our company policy and if it is so why didnt you put
    a notice at the payment counter or by the entrance!! Well way to go hersheys!!!! BTW the guy next to me poured all his hersheys into his laundry bag!!!

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