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Nestle Opens New Research And Development Center In Beijing

On the heels of concerns over product quality and melamine in Chinese milk, Nestle has opened a new research and development center in Beijing, which will focus on both basic research and product development.

R&D Beijing is Nestle's second R&D facility in China, and its 24th world-wide.

Food safety and quality will be a major focus of this new R&D center. The safety and quality of food are addressed at every stage of product development – from the selection of ingredients to the choice of packaging material. Analytical science is used to detect the absence or presence of potential contaminants in products to assure safety. It is used to quantify nutrients and to characterize ingredients to assure quality and regulatory compliance.

In addition to safety and quality, R&D Beijing will work on nutrition and life sciences research, food technology, processing and packaging. Life Sciences research at the Beijing R&D Centre will use different approaches to address three key consumer health benefits – growth and development, healthy ageing and weight management.

This will include research on the benefits of traditional Chinese ingredients, as well as the ways that these, and other ingredients, can be included in foods and beverages in a bioavailable form.

Nestle is investing approximately CNY70 million in R&D Beijing, bringing the company's total R&D investment in China to CNY 110 million.

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