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Turkish Airlines Decided To Purchase Total Of 75 Aircraft According To Its Fleet Planning For The Years 2009-2023

Beijing, China (November 04, 2008) / — The Board of Directors has made a decision on 13.10.2008 which will further enhance Turkish Airlines (TK) in the future.

According to the "2009-2023 Fleet Planning", which was approved by the Board of Directors previously, the decision made to purchase 25 wide-body long haul aircraft with double aisle and 50 narrow-body medium haul aircraft with single aisle.

Besides, total of 75 firm orders, it is also plan to have purchase option of 10 wide-body double aisle aircraft and 20 narrow-body single aisle aircraft as well.

Under the two separate agreement signed in 2004 , 46 narrow-body and 5 wide body, total of 51 aircraft were ordered, together with the 8 narrow-body optional aircraft total of 59 aircraft joined the TK fleet.

Because of the right decision taken on the right time, TK became one the front runner in Europe, together with the safety concept of operation as well maintenance associated with young fleet, adequate flight frequency, and quality service have resulted 150 % increase in the number of passengers carried. TK, by becoming full member of Star Alliance received the attention of global civil aviation industry, in the mean time fulfilled its duties in the development of Turkey.

TK Board of Directors, paid utmost attention to make sure the timing is right for 'Aircraft Purchase Tender', which will be the indicator of our company not be a step behind while Turkey is marching towards the future.

TK has built strong competition strength by carefully using its resources as well as effective management style which let TK to enter the global financial crises and expected economical stagnation with strong financial and operational position.

In this conjuncture, TK turning its 2 digit growth rates to net income successfully for the last 4 years while its competitors struggling, TK aims to obtain the best suitable delivery dates to its fleet plan by exercising its high competitive edge.

During the tender procedure, proposal will be requested from Airbus for double aisle wide-body families of A330 and A350XWB, single aisle narrow-body families of A319/A320/A321 aircraft, from Boeing Company for double aisle wide body families of B777 and B787, single aisle narrow-body families of B737-700/-800/-900 aircraft.

The delivery dates, which are plan by TK to star the second half of 2010, will be the critical decision factor beside the price on evaluating the proposals given by the manufacturers.

The need for the interim aircraft will be clarified after the conclusion of the tender and the finalization of the delivery dates. If such need arises the need will be removed as it has been done in 2004 by leasing under the best market condition.

Turkish Airlines will be ready to provide service when the global economy recovers with more stable foundation while Turkey stands in the forefront by taken its market share to new climax.

About Turkish Airlines
TA which was established in 1933 with its 5 planes fleet now is a 4 star airlines company serving with its fleet of 115 planes flying to 141 different directions 141 of them international and 33 of them national.

About Star Alliance:
Turkish Airlines is a member of Star Alliance allies which was established in 1997. Star Alliance flies over 975 directions in 162 countries with almost 18.100 flights.

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