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OmniaLuo Opens Three New Garment Stores In China

While announcing that is has opened three new outlets in China, OmniaLuo has also entered into contracts with two new independent distributors for stores to be opened by the end of 2008.

The addition of these three new stores increases the number of OmniaLuo retail stores in China to 245.

The company's retail network consists of 32 company-owned stores, 47 co-owned stores, and 166 independent distributor stores. Of these the company reports its highest margins are from the independent distributors.

Cindy Luo, chairwoman and CEO of OmniaLuo, stated that the company continues to increase brand awareness and retail sales throughout China with each new store opening. She added that with 245 retail stores, they were at 98% of their goal of at least 250 stores by year-end 2008.

OmniaLuo develops, markets and distributes fine women's apparel under the brand name OmniLuo and targets China's rapidly growing class of urban and affluent female professionals. The company has stated that its vision is to become the Chinese brand equivalent of Ralph Lauren, Vera Wang and Anna Sui.

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